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Thread: What\'s with all these names ?

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    I keep hearing talk of undercover, alias' etc. A visit to the foyer or player list confirms it. Why do people fight using different / multiple names? How can they do this? I thought you registered your name and that was it. Why do this, what is achieved? I very confused........Orda

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    Many people are uptight Orda, if you have low honour they assume you are poor player regardless of whether you've won alot, people change their names gain over 100 honour and then just leave it so people will play them

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    Don't try to make a sense of it. There are various possible reasons:

    1) These guys like playing undercover to deceive the enemy and make him think he is playing a noob who then turns out to be a good player...Most popular

    2) High honour on many names so one needs to create many auxiliary names. Quite rare

    3) Just to be an @sshole. Popular unfortunately

    Still though, the first and last reasons are one of the reasons I don't like MI as before. You playing a guy that you don't know who he is really...not good. And he would only tell you if he wins...if he loses he will quick go make another name lol.

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