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Thread: Killing that last Diaymo

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    Does anyone else get frustrated when you are having a hard fought battle with your last opponent and you kill the Diamyo to find out he has no heirs and now half the map turns Ronin? It kind of takes the fun out of it. Is there an easy way to tell if a Diamyo has any heirs left? Thanks

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    The assassination attempt window (shown when you drag & drop a ninja or a geisha on the daimyô) shows whether the clan has heirs.

    Killing the daimyô and having to fight rônin for half the game is a common problem in STW. It makes the game boring, but reduces the enemy forces' coordination significantly, which may be the key to beating a Horde. Personally, I try to keep the (last) horsey guy alive as long as possible, but sometimes his death is unavoidable.

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