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    been here a year ago or so (wanted to see a LOTR version of Shotgun Total War, got flamed because every one wanted that and I was but another newbie asking for it [IMPORTANT NOTE :suggested it before the movie came out (Movie=bad commercial crap imho.] ).

    anyway, I've started playin STW MI again and I again forgot how to retrain units (make an army 60 units again when they've taken casualities) I checked out the manual but couldnt really find it...

    Sorry if this has been asked a million times before but I'd like to know...

    is there also some documentation on how honor is calcualted etc. ?

    Thanks in advance,


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    Sorry, should've searched the forum before posting :


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    1) Only available in WE/MI version. To retrain a unit, you will need a Drill Dojo (need to build Palace before you can build Drill Dojo) and the capability of producing that type of unit in the province. To start, click on the province with the Drill Dojo and the correct Dojo. Click on the Train Unit button (which you normally do when you create unit). This will open the unit training screen. Now click on the unit (or the army) that you wish to retrain. When the unit (or army) info show up at the bottom of the screen, drag and drop the unit you want to retrain into the empty slot in the training screen. After retraining, unit will be at full strength (60 to 120 men depending on your set up) and will optain all upgrades available in that province (it will keep any attribute that is better than the one currently available in the province where you retrain the unit). Advantage: a) Acquire upgrade. b) Refesh those high honor units. c) if you set unit size larger than 60, it only takes one turn to retrain and make the unit fresh again while it will take two turns to train a new unit for replacement.

    going to retrain a single monk with 5 hono now
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    You answer your own question!

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