All the while the students among us struggle with your respective end-of-the-year exam sprees.

As of tomorrow I will be in Greece, and therefore by default unavailable, for a week (returning on the 8th or the 9th). I know you won't be able to tell by my posting (which is nonexistent these days anyway), but should a technical problem or another related issue surface, contact Terazawa-sama, hope I can get to a public Internet terminal there, or just wait, it's only a week.

FAQ: No, I don't plan to get that killer virus. No, I don't plan to get drunk. Yes, I plan to get a suntan. Yes, I'll miss you just as much as you'll miss me.

Thank you for the "have a good trip" wishes you would have posted had I not judiciously closed this thread. See you in a few.

End of public service announcement.

"Learning such things as military tactics is useless. If one does not strike out by simply closing his eyes and rushing into the enemy, even if it is only one step, he will be of no use."
- Yamamoto Tsunetomo: Hagakure