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Thread: Guide to the Guide Forum / Table of Contents

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    Default Guide to the Guide Forum / Table of Contents

    Guide to the guide forum

    The idea of the guide forum is to provide oganised, conscise yet open-ended information about the major aspects of MTW/VI.

    1, New topics can be opened only by the moderators.

    2, All topics are listed in the Table of Contents.

    3, The first post of each topics contains a brief summary (yet to be written in many case). Feel free to give us a hand and write up missing summaries, the mods will copy-paste it into the first post (giving due credit to where it belongs).

    4, Please always indicate about which version of MTW or MTW/VI are your hints and tips about (patch number and mod number/version).

    5, Ideas about new topics should be posted in the Comments and suggestions thread.

    6, No spamming allowed, posts without new information will be deleted without warning.

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