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Thread: SP, where are the dutch?

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    Just wondering, when do the dutch arrive? I've declined the portuguese trading rights five or six times already, waiting for the dutch. I assume you can only trade with one of them? I want the muskets, and don't have enough to build the gun factories. Will the dutch ever arrive?

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    Sometime after 1560 I think, depending on where you are.
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    Thanks, I guess I'll just be patient. I was beginning to think I had to do something first to get them to arrive. Those portuguese sure are persistent, and I think I misread the book.

    "A Daimyo can have either portuguese or dutch in his domain, but not both."

    This doesn't mean the dutch won't offer even after I am already trading with the portuguese, right? Missed out on a few years of arqebusters...doh!

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    Quote Originally posted by Kagami Rei:
    ..."A Daimyo can have either portuguese or dutch in his domain, but not both."...[/QUOTE]

    Wrong. You can have both. Just not in the same province.

    So, for example, you can have a dutch outpost in Awa AND a portuguese outpost in neighboring Tosa, where both were built by YOU. But you can't have, say, Awaji with both.

    Got it?

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    I realised what the book meant after it was to late, the dutch arrived. In a way, it saved me a little money though, not having to build the portuguese posts and factories. Thanks for clearing that up.


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