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Thread: Star War\'s MOD FAQ (HUGE POST! Please read it)

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    Star Wars : Total War

    This description is a large document which will answer some questions and release some new information about what exactally this MOD will be like. Star War's : Total War will be the biggest unofficial project so far, all images shall be changed as well as all documents. I am currently trying to see if anyone will promote the project be it Creative Assembly themselves OR a website or magazine. I'd like to clarify this now, I'm not trying to take away interest from any other editting that is going on at all, I just want to present a new view on the Total War game, of coarse this is changing it to the Star War's Universe instead of the Sengoku and Edo period. Everything you'll find in the game will be as accurate to Geaorge Lucas's masterpiece as it possibly can (Of coarse some units may be different to add variety in the gameplay, but they'll stay as true as possible, and the only other noticeable difference will be the map as obviously I can not change that to different planets.)


    1-What will the Units be changed to?

    Well I can answer that right here and now with the current list, of coarse it is likely much of this shall be changed in the finished product.

    Yari Ashigaru-Not Decided
    Yari Samurai-Not Decided
    Samurai Archer-Not Decided
    Ashigaru Crossbowman-Not Decided
    Naginata Spearman-Not Decided
    Heavy Cavalry-Heavy Mounted Trooper
    Yari Cavalry-Mounted Trooper
    Naginata Cavalry-Advanced Mounted Trooper
    Arquebusier-Scout Troopers
    No Dachi Samurai-Jedi Padawan
    Warrior monks-Sith Knight
    Kensai-Jedi Master
    Korean Skirmishers-Stormtroopers
    Korean Spearman-Imperial Navy Troopers
    Korean Guardsman-Royal Guard
    Thunderbomber-Not Decided
    Mongol Light Cavalry-Not Decided
    Mongol Heavy Cavalry-Not Decided
    Battlefield Ninja-Not Decided
    Ninja-Bounty Hunter
    Emissary-Not Decided
    Shinobi-Not Decided
    Geisha-Legendary Fett (Probably be changed to Boba or Jango Fett)
    Priest-Not Decided
    Father Visitor-Not Decided

    2-Will everything be changed?

    Yes. Simple answer, everything shall be different, minus obviously the shape of the map and the map editor. So expect the maps to be changed if possible, the units for sure will be changed, the messages you recieve after certain actions shall be changed to correspond with the Star War's Universe

    3-Which environments will be included?

    Well I can only say that the following planets will be represented right now, that has had very little planning

    Yavin V

    Of coarse some will be added and some will be removed

    3-What are the factions?

    The Aqualish
    The Nikto
    The Noghri
    The Rebel Alliance
    The Sith
    The Jedi Order
    The Empire
    The Galactic Republic
    The Black Sun

    The CONFIRMED factions are as follows

    The Rebel Alliance
    The Empire
    The Jedi Order
    The Galactic Republic

    And again expect others to probably be changed

    4-Will the units be balanced?

    I will balance them as best I can and that is all I can really say

    5-Are you the only person working on this project?

    At the moment I am the only person working on this project. Though I am looking for help and I will e-mail those I believe can help me in certain area's. But before anyone asks, most of the work will be my doing.

    6-Are there any testers?

    Not right no. But I can tell you, as with help, I shall e-mail people I would like to test the game. But let me assure you, I WILL e-mail a variety of players, I'm not just gunning for the top players at all, I want a range of skills telling me what they think of the game as of coarse i don't want to make units too powerful that good players can easily crush worse skilled players or new players and I CERTAINLY don't want to make any units become dominant like the Muskateers so people over-use them online.

    7-Will we be able to play the game online?

    Well yes you can play the game online but of coarse other players will need to have the MOD installed for you to be able to face off with them, what I am hoping is that I can persuade CA to make some sort of patch to allow you to choose the Star War's MOD as an era just like the Mongol Invasion and Sengoku Jidai, although I am in NO WAY garunteeing that as a feature, just a possibility

    8-What is your aim with the MOD?

    My aim with the MOD is simply to make it an enjoyable add-on to a great game.

    9-Are you trying to take advantage of the Star War's boom currently in place?

    (Laugh) No, no, I am not, this is for hardcore fans of Star War's who love the films and books regardless of whether their is a sudden interest in Star War's again. My aim here is to make an alternative to the Shogun engine that you see nowadays and put an end to all the players who use the same line-up that can prove to be unbeatable at times.

    10-Will everything be true to Star War's?

    As true as I can get it. Of coarse the map will prove a problem to been true but otherwise I hope to keep it very true to Star Wars.

    11-What will the Campaigns be?

    Well here's is the current list, it is not very large.

    Mongol Invasions-Episode's IV, V, VI (The Empire vs The Rebel Alliance)
    Sengoku Jidai-Revolution (Named because of basically it isn't based on any particular Empisode or Episodes)

    12-When will it be released?

    No comment. All i'll say is, when I get a clear picture on the release you shall be informed.

    13-How will Medieval effect the MOD?

    Interesting question. Right now I hope to get this finished before the game comes out as I want to inject STW with some life so it doesn't just die off slowly. If that does indeed happen, don't think Star War's : Total War is dead, I am confirming Star War's : Total War 2 for Medieval whether or not the current one is just released on MTW because I run out of time before it's released

    14-Do you hope this will be sucessful?

    Yes. Of coarse, that is why I'm mailing around to try and get some publicity for it.

    15-How much editting expierience do you have?

    Quite a bit. I have been editting games since I got my first PC in 1995, but nothing on this scale at all, mainly just editting things for my enjoyment, now I am doing it for both mine and your enjoyment. And I don't like people doubting my because it's my first real project, look what happened with CA's first Strategy game, it's huge!

    16-Why Star War's?

    Well, I know people like the films and I do personally, and I just thought it'd be cool to make a MOD changing the units to things like Stormtroopers, I also want to elimnate the dominant unit feature. Plus using Star War's means I can go to whole new length's with the gameplay without having to stick to historical accuracy what-so-ever, all I have to do is make sure it stays true to Star War's and the Star War's universe is thankfully very flexible so it will allow me more freedome in designing the MOD.

    17-Any other projects planned?

    For the near future? No not at all. In the future, yes and probably on MTW as the unique unit's per factions feature will be a great help in more advanced MOD's. I am only planning to right now do Star War's MOD's and that is about it, but I will be taking requests probably for what my next project would be.

    18-Who are you hoping to help you?

    Well firstly, Creative Assembly I hope will help me with the project for a start, then magazines to help promote the MOD and then store it on their disc's for wider distribution. I know now that Tosa Inu will help me if I ask him as he just seem's to be like that and has helped me with other things so far. i will be contacting Kahn 7 to ask if he would be interested in helping with the troop stats and balancing as he has showed he is greatly skilled in those are'as with the superb Total War 2. Then basically i'll look for testers.

    19-Are you hoping to make a profit from this?

    Nope, I aren't doing this for money at all, I'm doing this out of fun and my hope to get more from the game as I think it is truly great. If I do get money from it then so be it, but I won't complain if I don't.

    20-How much do you do a day?

    I work on this about 2 hours a day and then makes notes while in bed. I think that is enough time for weekdays, on weekends i work on it at night for 3+ hours.

    21-What if it fails?

    That's life I'm afraid, there is no garuntee anything will suceed, it's the same for developers and film makers, they don't know if their product will sell, just like I don't know if people will enjoy this. If it fails then that is that, I will just go onto my next product, the advantage I have is that if my product fails, I can keep trying as I have no money on the line.

    22-What it your hopes come true?

    Well I'll be happy, but if I do suceed and their a problems or little niggles, I'll work more to improve it until i have it as good as I can.

    23-Is Total War all you'll edit?

    Right now, yes because it easy to do so, but I hope to edit other games as well, just that i prefer the Total War setup and file freedome.

    24-Will we have to pay for the MOD?

    No not at all, like I said my aim is not to make money so selling it would be daft on my part, but if CA's decide they'd like to sell it then I'm afraid it'll cost you and of coarse if it is on a Magazine disc the magazine price will be a cost, but if neither of thoise happen it shall be TOTALLY FREE.

    25-Will their be tournaments?

    That's for the community to decide


    -All new units! Ever wanted to pit Stormtroopers against Rebel Fights but under your complete command on a great looking battlefield? Now is the chance!

    -All new Campaigns! New Star War's Stories, Old Star War's stories and you can make your own with the Campaign Editor already available.

    -More balanced units! Don't expect any dominant units here, every unit shall have a weakness so this should end the normal plague of people over-using a unit or using the same set-up on the same maps.

    -New Maps! The maps shall be modelled as closely to the Star War's Universe as possible making some units' more effective in certain area's.

    -True to Star Wars! The only differences will be that some unknown factions shall appear but they are from the Star War's site itself so they aren't made-up at all! The only thing that will be made up will be some stroylines in the Campaigns.


    That's all the info I can think of, of coarse you can ask questions which haven't already been answered, but if you ask stupi ones as a joke or ones already answered then don't expect an answer. Thanks for reading!
    RIP TosaInu
    Ja Mata

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    Thats kinda alota stuff lol, well nothin compared 2, Romance in the Three Kngdoms (which im readin) have u read it?

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    lol It's a MOD not a book dude, of coarse that is bigger, and I have read it yes.
    RIP TosaInu
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