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Thread: Loire Valley Historical Campaign-Need Some Help

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    I only have to beat the last two battles in the French Hundred Year's War campaign to complete all of the historical campaigns offered in the original Medieval: Total War game.

    However, I can not beat the Loire Valley battle. I need a good strategy for beating it. Any ideas here? Thanks in advance.

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    Ok this is a tough battle requires you to get at least 100 Men into the middle of the castle to gain victory...

    Forget fighting toe to toe with the English, there are just too many of them, and I paid the price for my arrogance by fighting this battle like a normal Assault Situation.

    The key to victory lies in getting wall breaches in both the inner and outer walls on at least two sides.

    When this is done (and you have chased off the English outside the castle) you should group all of your Cavalry on one side and all of your Infantry on the other...

    Advance your infantry in first and start a major fight on their side, they don't have to win, just survive long enough to draw out the enemy in the middle.

    This leaves the way clear (hopefully) for your Knights and Cavalry to charge through on the other side into the central keep area to claim victory.

    Your Knights have to avoid all combat and focus on their goal of rushing to take the middle.

    Good luck, this one's a real Knightmare

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    Thanks. I beat it and the following battle-now I've completed all of the historical battles and historical campaigns. Just have to wait for the Viking Invasion expansion that I ordered off of Amazon to arrive now, and then I will be playing again.


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