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    Yes, i'm SPQR Thrax.

    I couldent log into MTW from March 03 - late May 03 and March 03 was around the time SPQR got disbanded.

    Then one day in late May 03 I was suddenly able to log into MTW and was greeted with disgust and abuse so I changed my name quickly.

    Now i'm in no doubt whatsoever that I was banned via CD-key becuase no matter how many GameSpy account I made it just wouldent log me in.

    Whats even weirder is that I was in VI an hour ago and met PanzerJager who is also ex-SPQR and I thought I should reveal my name to him so I told him I used to be Thrax and as soon as I told him I was disconnected from the lobby, this sudden disconnection has never happend to me before and i've been playing this game for well over a year now.

    My question is...

    Somone/s here knows how I got banned and who got me banned and i'd like them to tell me please.
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    Hi....if you were banned, wouldn't it have been a polite thing to do to tell you. I havnt heard anything on the grapevine ...but then I've not been online gaming for a few months. Mebbe if you mailed gayspy you might find out more info....I will ask some of the Insanes if they know of anything ....sry I cant be of more help.
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