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Thread: European Air War

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    Just a quick question to those who have played this game before. I recently bough the game and decided to play a long career campain as the Germans (difficulty hard). I think I have most of the mechanics down, but am frusterated by the raiting I keep getting after a mission. My character has 58 kills in five missions(including 20 in one mission) but have been rated as terrible after every mission. The game did not come with an instruction book so I am curious as to how you succeeed in this game. Your input would be very appreciated.
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    This is just a guess, but from the fact that you say you got 20 kills in one mission, it sounds like you have unlimited ammo turned on---either that or invulnerability--both of which will hurt your point score and ratings.

    Ammo was measured in only seconds of continuous fire in WW II and this is modeled in the game with limited ammo on.

    Also not completing your objectives may hurt your score regardless of kills.

    Your point score determines the medals and promotions you get as you progress through the game

    There is also a patch for EAW that upgrades the game quite a bit, but if you have one of the crystal case re-issues, you may not need the patch.

    One of the things that the patch does is allow you to change your screen resolution in the game to what ever you want, but you have to do it in the ini. file with note pad.

    Anyway, there are a ton of mods, new planes, new high res skins, damage effect, seasonal terrain maps, new screens, and totally new campaigns available from the community. There are some installer programs available that allow you too change out all of this stuff with some ease.

    You are in for a treat if you really get into this sim.

    Here is the SimHQ forum--lot's of friendly helpful EAW fliers there:

    SimHQ EAW forum

    And here is a posting from Sandbagger who has links to all of the mods and add-on sites. Check his sig at the bottom of his post for links.



    PS. This is what planes can look like in EAW with the new hi-res stuff

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    Forward Observer, do you have any links to movies from EAW ?

    On a side note, if you are interested in flight sims I have posted some screenshots from LOMAC in the Arena screenshot thread.

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