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    Lads i know you helped me out last time but i've got another Q

    To what extent did the plans of the European powers contribute to the outbreak of the First World War?

    Any help would be great.

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    Very good question

    You will no doubt be aware of Germany's 'Schlieffen Plan' to move troops through Belgium via the railway system (OK so what if they were neutral)

    As for the allies I'm a little in the dark although war-plans, often worked out through wargames were very fashionable during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries - the Tsar of Russia was particularly fond of them. Certainly in terms of the naval war the allies were caught slightly with their trousers down.

    As for whether or not these plans contributed to the outbreak of war, there is a GREAT deal of debate - I would say that the Schlieffen Plan was seen by the Germans as a quick win solution to the conflict which I am sure influenced her war-policy once hostilities started.

    Not much but I hope this helps.
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