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Thread: i could\'nt get an answear in tech area?

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    i have a 700mhz 128mb pc with an Agp Ati Rage Fury Pro video card whenever i go into battle wtih 8 bit textures selected the flags for the units are all different colors and its really hard to tell whos is who! whats wrong thanks!

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    let me consult my magic 8 ball

    hmmm it say's your screwed sorry fella

    nope can't help sorry
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    I had your exact video card and it doesn't support 8 bit textures in the game, turn that off and you should have no problems, unless of course you have tried that and then I would say its not your ATI causing the might also look at turning your accelerator performance down a notch to position 3. ie: click on desktop, bring up settings, advbanced, performance tab.......:-)

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    I've had a look in the Tech Questions forum and it appears that Erado-San advises you to try changing your AGP aperture settings.

    I'm closing this thread now, please don't post tech questions in General Discussion!


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