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    I think it will be usefull to make several chapters about modding, similar to the unitgraphics guide. I will do my best to make these as complete as possible, but the result will a hundred times better if we do this together. So feel free to add contributions, no matter how small.

    I also wish to take the opportunity to say my thanks to the Org and all the members for making this is a very fine community and I hope that these guides can help making it even better.

    Note that these chapters are written for Viking Invasion. This expansion adds considerable more options for modders but a more important reason is that there considerable differences between modding MTW:VI or regular MTW. I decided not to mix the 2 because it would mean a confusing guide with loads of exceptions because of the 2 versions.

    Cheers, Duke John


    Chapter 1: Mods and modding
    1.1 Mods and modding
    1.2 Modding tools[/list]

    Chapter 2: Campaign
    2.1 Making a basic campaign
    2.2 Adding an expansion
    2.3 Customizing the campaign[/list]

    Chapter 3: Factions

    Chapter 4: Buildings

    Chapter 5: Units

    Chapter 6: Battlemaps

    Chapter 7: Strategic map

    Chapter 8: Balancing

    Chapter 10: Unitgraphics
    10.1 The files
    10.2 Editing graphics
    10.3 Unit icons
    10.4 Unit animation
    10.5 Weapons and shields
    10.6 Making new unit graphics

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