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Thread: Campaign Map

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    I have found out that if I use Ultimate Paint to edit the LukupMap and thereafter restore the pallette with Mithel Image Converter, I can skip LMM. Of couse I have to set up all the province connections/castle/port ect. manually, but it works. I have added 4 provinces untill now and no problems.
    I use the pallette that came with LMM and used the coulors (number 200-215 on the pallette) to add borders and province coulor. Have anyone tryed this way and had problems?

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    Question Re: Campaign Map

    I just installed LMM, and going thru the installation guide. It says to "Move the OCX "wshLtWtNonModalDalog.ocx" from the LMM root folder into
    your "C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32" folder"

    I couldn't find the OCX in the LMM root folder. What do I do?

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    Default Re: Campaign Map

    Found that, but now I get a script error

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