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Thread: Loging on to EA?

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    For 3 days now after installing STW:WE i have made 3 new accounts with ea and shogun and all 3 refuse to login it just sits at the screen saying Login on.

    I have even waited for 2 hours today and it still did not change.

    I entered the wrong username and opw once to see the result and it told me i had the wrong one within 30 seconds of hiting the login.

    Is anyone else or has anyone else had this problem?

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    No sorry...

    Ask in the tech dojo !
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    If you are on the Logging On screen you have gone past the play on eaplay and confirmation screen. I have heard others complaining of same. I have to close my fire
    wall before using Shogun to connect or my screen freezes on 'connecting.'It may also be your isp?
    I agree , ask in the Tech Dojo. Good luck.

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