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    I have played 1530 oda on normal 3 times now, and the first time I got well-established but then Shimazu started to kill me with its horde just as I was killing Uesugi, so I restarted, and then the warrior monks in Ise killed me in Owari after I had bribed a few of the cheaper armies and taken Mikawa and Totomi, and the third time was the same as the second. (how about that for a run-on) What do I do?
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    Well, I started playing this one to see what happened and it is a bit of a tought start, but should be manageable. I think the trick is to take your time, build up your Owari farmland to 60% boost while you crank out ashi and archers (50% each). A garrison of 120-160 per province seems to keep away attackers, and an attack with 500-600 troops generally pushes back the rebel armies without a fight.

    Just build up a nice fat army of ashi and archers while you increase the profitability of your farmland in your home province, and then go on a rampage.

    Hope it works for you as well as it did for me!

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    hello Alstair-san

    starting with Oda in any year means that u should consolidate first the central part of Japan and go for Yamashiro; Mikawa or Totomi arent primary tagets cause they are not so rich ( although Totomi got one honour plus to archers this could be very useful ); but i think u must conquer Omi and Mino-rich provinces-and than go for Ise .and this u should do during what Dionysus9 very well pointed ( build up Owari and make big armies of archers and ashis and maintain garissons in the already conquerd provinces )
    i think is essential to maintain a balance since u got two fronts fighting with Oda
    have fun and go for expert level !
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