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Thread: HOW DO I record a battle?

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    Damnit read the part on and it didnt make any sense t me at all...
    I searched the forum, but mostly I got directed here :

    which pissed me off majorly since there's a very annoying pop -up EACH time I thought I had a good post...

    so, can someone explain to me how to recrd a battle, me a non-nerd, a completely newbie in "command lines" etc.

    Abandon all hope.

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    This is from the ORG home-page

    To record a battle
    Find any shortcut for your Shogun executable - right click and click on properties. Go to the tab Shortcut and find the field Target. It should read (wherever it is installed)\Shogun.exe
    Now change that to: "(wherever it is installed)\ShogunM.exe" ER Use ShogunW.exe if you're using the Warlord Edition. Now you got the Recorder installed. Just run the game through that shortcut and your most recent battle will be recorded to the folder /DumpLog. Unfortunately, recordings are always saved to the same file name, so each battle that is recorded will overwrite the previous recording.

    To playback the battle
    Make a copy of a shortcut for the Shogun executable and do the same process as above, but this time change the target path to:
    "(wherever it is installed)\ShogunM.exe" mEP
    Use ShogunW.exe if you're using the Warlord Edition. Then just run the game from this shortcut - and this will replay the most recently recorded battle. At the end of the battle, all the troops will freeze and just escape out.

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    Thanks ....

    I've got 2 funny was a Castle I attacked... My shinobi said it was only defended by some 500 muskets, so I waited until heae rain and send my HC to bring me some heads , second was a bridge battle where I attacked, but the AI only had ashis,YS and YC, so I stopped my YS on the middle of the bridge and just shot everything which dared to go near .

    anyways, was bored so that explains the story,

    thanks again,

    Abandon all hope.


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