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    Hi guys

    Just herd back from EA and they have been upgrading the server. Normal service should resume shortly. I will try and get them to contact me in future, prior to any work on the server so you are all in the know.

    I have just completed a rewrite of the java script that controls the drop-down navigation on I will be integrating this over the next few days, this should bring the site up to date with the latest browsers and solve any problems that some of you have been encountering with the navigation.

    Those of you having trouble with down loads from, this has been down to bandwidth issues. Bandwidth will be increased next Wednesday so things should be much improved.

    I have been told that the Medieval demo should be made available for download on several sites as from 3 pm GMT next Wednesday. As soon as I have the addresses I will post them on the front page of

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    The Shogun :Bringing wisdom in an unwise world. And tea. Sometimes I bring tea.

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    Must be drunk

    looking forward to the demo though
    Abandon all hope.

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    according to my humble knowledge posting multiple topics on teh same subject is supposed to be spamming.

    a better way to increase your post-count would be a regular visit in here and post something interesting, funny or constructiv.

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    quote:I gallop messages around, dont track me I can bring war as well

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    You're right. Behave, Shogun
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