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Thread: The Hellenic Total War website

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    For those with slow internet connections,here a direct link to the download page so the mainpage with all the pictures can be bypassed.

    Download page on the HTW site


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    I noticed that at certain times the server where we host the HTW files is not available,it has nothing to do with bandwidth,and i will contact the provider why this happens almost daily.
    So please when the links are down try again later.
    Sorry for this inconvenience...


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    With many thanks to TosaInu we now have a secondary download link on the site in case the primary is out.
    Also i have removed the music from the main page so uploading the main page should go much faster.


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    Default Re: The Hellenic Total War website

    I passed the new version on to TosaInu and hope to open the second mirror on the HTW site soon,as well as that the newest version will be uploaded to 3D downloads,as soon as i have more info i will post here.
    Tosa has enough work as it is with the new forum so no rush.



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