Where can i download the HTW mod?
-Go to the download section on the:HTW website or in case the site is down the files are also uploaded on 3D downloads.

Will there be future updates and where can i find them?
-Yes we will update HTW so visit this forum and the HTW site regularly for further info.

How do i install HTW?
-Follow the instructions on the site and read the self-installer instructions carefully for further info.

Can i still play the original MTW game?
-No,HTW is a total conversion so your original MTW games will not work anymore.That is why you have to make a new and fresh install of MTW:VI v2.01 BEFORE installing HTW.

Do i need the Viking Invasion add-on and patch it up to v2.01?
-Yes,this mod was designed for MTW the Viking Invasion v2.01.

Why do i need to play with the unit-size on default setting?
-The units are already bigger than 100 units and the unit balance is optimal.If you use bigger settings your game will suffer from CTD's(Crash to Desktop).

Can i play HTW together with another mod?
-No,as HTW is a total conversion it will not work with any other mods.

Can i organise MP games with HTW?
-Yes,you can go to the Stadium to invite people for a MP battle

Why are hoplites so strong and cavalry so weak?
-Hoplites were the Tanks of antiquity,cavalry was not used so much in Ancient Greece.So change your battle tactics accordingly.

Can i copy the new HTW version over my older HTW version?
-No,you will have to do a clean and new install over MTW:VI v2.01 to avoid conflicts.

How do i uninstall the HTW mod?
-Easy,if you go to Start in your all Programs you will find a HTW v3.1 Beta uninstall button.

Why should i delete the old MTW files as suggested on the site and in the install instructions.
-Well basically,MTW will not work anymore as HTW totally changes your standard MTW game,so that is why we recommend to delete them.