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Thread: Hellenic Total War

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    Release date for:HTW v3.1 Beta

    30th of June 2004 24:00 H.(CET)


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    It is out a little sooner guess you don't mind

    Enjoy and have fun....

    The Gerousia

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    I have build and uploaded a new updated version i advise to download HTW v3.1 Beta from the HTW site again.
    If you have already installed HTW v3.1 Beta use the uninstall option in your start menu and install the new updated version.

    Correction of deadpage coords,missing Textures Items(weapons),new unit prod file,there was a problem with the frontend_files.


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    The 3D download links seem to be not active anymore....

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    There is a small update in the making with almost all bugs sorted for HTW v3.1 some improved files,maps,stats etc...
    And some early Roman units,that can be used in MP and Custom battle only as a gift.
    Have to collect some more data from the team,i will build it as a self-installing patch for HTW v3.1 Beta.


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    Due to the fact that some files cannot be overwritten it is necessary to build a total new version so a update patch is not possible(for the slow internet users),this will be ready the first week of August and download will be via the HTW site.
    Most of the files are ready,some files are not done yet,so be a little patient.
    This will be the final version of Hellenic Total War until RTW comes out.


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    Default Re: Hellenic Total War

    The newest HTW version is available at the HTW site.


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    Default Re: Hellenic Total War

    I have build and uploaded a new version.
    Tested it before uploading.
    Downloaded it and tested it several times now,every time it works perfectly.
    I hope the problem is solved now.
    Why the previous files after two days became corrupt is a mystery to me,because i always do these tests before a public announcement,and the tests were also good.
    It seems that we may make a update(not anything big though) yet another time so this is not yet the last HTW version,i will keep you posted.


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    Default Re: Hellenic Total War

    I have build and uploaded a new updated version of HTW v3.1 Beta that includes the Persian War Campaign expansion and the new economy system with reduced income.


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    Exclamation Re: Hellenic Total War

    New HTW economy patch available on the download section of the HTW website.


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    Default Re: Hellenic Total War

    The HTW Total Patch

    A new patch is available that includes the previous Economy Patch and the Bronze Age Expansion(incomplete but playable).
    Also added are some bug fixes and new graphics for the Review Panel and BA Faction Colours.
    It is a simple self-install for your convenience.
    A HTW Units and Buildings description is now available online,link is in the Download section on the Hellenic Total War website.
    A special thanks goes to Macsen Rufus.

    Have Fun!



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