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Thread: help a newbie please

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    I just buy Shogun warlord edition and i see so many patches and others goods stuff, but don t know exactly what can i do to have best result, cause english is not my langage. Can you tell me what i have to install for maximum enjoy.
    see u soon on net when i ll be ready

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    Hello cmax. Here is a list of what you need-
    v1.02 official beta from via the link on .Org homepage.
    Custom maps/Map packs from the Org. Mappack 303 contains nearly every map. A.S map packs 1,2,3 and 4 contain 65 stunning maps, oh and don't forget Orda maps (sorry couldnt resist) This will give you just about all the maps hosted, any others you can get from the Org custom maps section.
    I would recommend Statswapper Mod 1.03, a neat device that allows you to play different versions of the game - you can play a 1.02 game then swap your stats and play 1.03, very neat.
    Register with EA and away you go. Good luck cmax, see you online.
    Oh and by the way your English is very good m8.

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    ORDA just about covered everything

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    thank very much, here i go!
    See u

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    bachs_gambit is quite a popular 4v4 map get that from custom map
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