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Thread: New Sound File .....STW

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    Hello ppl at the org.
    I have been working on a new sound file to play while spending half my life in the foyer......It will be about a 25 meg mp3 so,can i upload it soon to the site then other ppl can chill to this new sound.
    The tune has many of the sounds from stw & from the campaigns and I have twiddled a couple of switches & hay it sounds ok :-).
    Oh !!!! sorry about the copyright thing but I was getting bored of the 8 bar loop.....
    C ya
    O-cha o nomimasho. :O)

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    Ah, Toda, is this a tranquil sonet? A peaceful melody by which Orda can find his inner-self?....The self that loves the thrum of the bowstring?

    " Send us your ambassadors and thus we shall judge whether you wish to be at peace with us or at war..if you make war on us the Everlasting God, who makes easy what was difficult and makes near what was far, knows that we know what our power is."


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