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Thread: Blame me why not !!!!!!

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    Hopefully 1 day ppl will realise that the terrain does have a great deal on how a game is 4 told...
    I mean if your ally is fighting well out of sight then cool... there is a good chance playing a 2v2
    defending, that you could with a bit more grit between your teeth, hold out & defend your corner while your
    ally routes there opposing enemy team..(maybe i am wrong,let me know)
    As this was what was happening to me earlier,I tryed to defend my corner against a full spears & swords attack,my enemy knowing that he would loose if he stayed there having a shoot out with me.
    My cav were dead so i could not go anywere fast. (well i had some 10 nag cav left)So i used all my foot
    soldiers to counter this charge.Surrounded by trees(Mori nohara) i could not see what was going on on my flanks,
    only what was dead in front of me,trees to left & right.My ally was winning...i saw the team that was attacking me send 3 cav units over to help the now routeing ally team m8 ,this unforunatley was enough to turn around the route, my ally screamed help
    But i had none to offer fast...
    We lost the battle...But blaming me was yes right for not helping ... but also wrong...
    Knowing the terrain...
    If "WE" both had selected the right armies understanding that musks hate trees & nohara having well a medium size forest or 2,lol
    maybe the story would have been different....

    I take half the blame....

    & yes i did send my 10 nag cav over & my kensai gen ..So dont shout at me..
    I think I will have a joint now.!

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    Reacting promptly to a shift of force by the enemy is a key element in battles. This is a difficult aspect of the game to master. You want to send an appropriate amount of help for the situation quickly enough to make a difference. People who play together regularly as allies have a big advantage in this area. Rather than blame a particular player for a loss, it's a lot more constructive to work on improving team strategy and try to learn something from the loss. It is possible for pickup teams to beat regular teams, but you have to work together to do it. Also, I don't view each battle as a separate event. It's a prelude to the next battle, and there is a continuity that flows from one to the next as you play with the same people. The object should be to build your ally's confidence and skill level from one battle to the next rather than to shoot him down.

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    a fine reply puzz , spoken with honour and wisdom .


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