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Thread: Am I so good?

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    Or am I just so dumb that I couldnt note your cynism when you said playing HOJO in the MI is hard...

    I had no problems at all...
    Ijust withdrew all my troops from the left part of Japan and massed them all@ the 2 crossings.Then I started training YS&SA everywhere and put them again at the 2 crossing points,Mongols couldnt cross, had some other armies across Japan, killed 2 tiny and a big mongol reinforcement without much problems and then I trained a nice little HC-YC-YS-ND army and destroyed the puny mongols ...

    so my question, did you really have problems with the MI-Hojo ?
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    I'm assuming you're playing on expert....

    If Mongels have no land to conquer than they get no more reinforcements. I used your tactic as well by pulling back. The first few battles were big and dirty, but after that just skirmishes here and there
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    mongols suck japenese rule nuff said......
    never tried this always looked 2 boring to me is it better than main cmapaign cause thats what i stick 2
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    Mongols are no problem in v1.02 (even on expert) because the patch down graded their troops. Expert in v1.00 or v1.01 is a little tough but manageable. I always abandon the large island on the left and concentrate the troops at the two crossing (as Mithrandir did) at Nagato and Iyo. Quickly produce YS and SA and concentrate them in the top rim of the map. Defeat the reinforcement which usually arrive in the top rim of the map. If the Mongols can't capture more ground, their reinforce will be smaller (or none will come). Upgrade then build a couple of good armies to wipe out the Mongol troops in the large island.

    If I have lots of koku (usually I do because most of the richest provinces are mine), I can even bribe Mongol troops.

    For me, the Mongol campaign is not very interesting (play as both side). As Mongol: I found that the Japan will never advance far enough in order to build army much better than mine. As Japan: in stead of landing the reinforcement in their provinces, the Mongols usually land in my heavily defended provinces in the top rim of the map and get wiped out almost immediately.

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