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Thread: HTW Project 2:Bronze Age Total War

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    Links work again.


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    I don't know how far you guys have gotten in developing a mod for RTW, but you should check out Age of Hellas, a greek mod for RTW. The map is already about 2/3 done, and some factions are almost skinned. The only thing that is somewhat different is that we are starting ca 500BC, which is a little later than when HTW started.

    I think the links are in mig sig, but here there are in the post too:

    AOH Forums
    AOH Forums at TWC
    Map designer for the Age of Hellas Mod: Age of Hellas Forum

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    what about an update ?
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    is this mod for rome total war and when will this mod be coming out
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    @bar Kochba to my knowledge. the leader of the this mod making is currently putting the final touches to the mtw XL mod patch..

    then will be finishing up the bronze age 2 project.
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