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Thread: how many people do u think will be on mtw

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    what do u think the enviornment will be there and who do u think will be top noch clan??
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    I am Blade,Emmisary and Council member of the 7Bear7 Clan. BOWS
    Well,I have preordered MTW and I plan to be there from the beginning.I will try to keep dragging members to MTW.
    Greatest Clan...There will be many.
    And I think that the STW Clan will be present too.We will see what it will bring.
    Lots of fun I hope

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    I think most of the veterans of STW and MI/WE will be on MTW as well. Many that don't play online at the moment will have a look at least. I know I will.

    But I think that the audience is bigger for MTW. It appeals to more people and the hyping is going pretty well. Registered patrons for noth the Org and the .com forums are rising gently and there are many reviews, both online as in magazines. So I expect the online community for MTW to be bigger than for previous games.
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    yup me too, just hope the online chat thing wont be as chaotic as that of STW...

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    i will be there from begining to end as i was for mi/we so i will be there and u will see me for what i really am a pure hearted Knight who will fight for the little guy



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