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Thread: Se puede jugar en EA con el Shogun original

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    He ojeado los mensajes en ingles y como mi ingles no es muy bueno no me he enterado muy bien:
    Se puede jugar ya multijugador con EA?
    Por ahi pone q si pero yo no puedo no me reconoce el nick y cuando me lo reconoce me falla la conexion.
    Que hago mal?

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    Well, I can understand only 5 words.

    But if you hang around, there will be someone who can help.

    Or I can do it on Monday night when I am at work.

    Edit: well, I can understand what you are asking now, but I can't give you an answer in Spanish. I will post the answer in English anyway. Hope that you can make it out some way.

    To begin with online gaming, you will need to register your "nick" on EA/CA server. Main Menu -> Multiplayer -> Register ....

    A few days (or weeks) back, the serve is down. It is bad. It can not recognize your "nick". But it is OK now. If it still can not recognize your "nick", you may need to register another "nick".

    In the log on screen, where you type in the CD key, "nick" and password, there is a little check box at the bottom. If you use DSL or cable internet check this box to make sure the game knows how to get online. The game will always look for the modem first. Check this box will also work for modem.

    Hope that helps.
    Need it in Spanish, just let me know.

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