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Thread: Come join us !

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    hey guys,

    Last night a a few of us changed the port id and played stw online. We are gonna do the same thing untill the STW server is fixed. Come join us! It's not hard at all to change the port. Go to and see the about stw forum, there is a post with the topic: for all you hardcore stw fans. READ IT! Then come play STW with us on the MI server!

    of the Majestic Ryouko Clan
    of the Majestic Ryouko Clan

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    Toda Nebuchadnezzar
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    Thats a damn good idea. I might be able to connect for a change and if I can I will pop along. And get my hide tanned no doubt

    Didn't know you could do that...

    Jaguara-Spoken like a TRUE SPAMMER Toda!

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