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Thread: historical campaigns

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    yea im like stuck on the mongol one, when your beseiging that castle, damnit they should have kensai anyway KENSAI ARE DAMN CHEAT UNITS THATS WHAT!!...there the kind of ones you get in games when you type in a cheat for a supa-unit...and...basicly im stuck at the seige bit on tokugawa campaign, doesnt help that tons of cav behind me, i mean maybe its my small human,public school taught mind but last time i checked when you beseige a castlke, the enemy army are inside...hmmm¬_¬

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    1. The mongol castle siege

    Destroy the units outside the castle as fast as possible, avoiding missile fire from the castle. Your MLC, MHC, some skirmishers and 2 infantry will do the job. Then put your skirmishers and thunder bombers near the walls of the castle and bomb the units in the castle, you should be able to get 1/3 of a unit in each volley.
    Then attack with all, you should win. Try to enter the castle and flank as much as possible.

    2. The Tokugawa siege

    There are so many of them in that historical battle, which one?

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