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Thread: Unit building bug?

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    Playing the full campaign of WE at expert (Mori), I get the following problem: Sometimes, when I try to build units, they do not appear on the following turn (even though I have enough koku). When I look at the unit training parchment, the unit is shown in the box, but is half greyed out. If I remove it by right clicking, sometimes the next unit appears the following year, sometimes it doesn't. I have to do more testing, but I think this only happens in provinces where I have used retraining.

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    How large are your units? At size 120 they take two turns to produce.
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    this has happened at both 60 and 100 unit sizes. I am about to try at 120.

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    And more important, what are the units you are building?

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    Are you sure the units are at 60 and not more?

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    Hasn't happened yet at 120. Fingers crossed. Both times it happened, I was building Yari Samurai.


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