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Thread: Welcome to the Mod development forum!

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    Exclamation Welcome to the Mod development forum!

    The purpose of this forum
    This forum is dedicated to the development of modifications of R:TW. Modders can make a single thread to cover their mod. Multiple threads are not allowed to avoid cluttering the forum.
    If mods are getting very large and are backed up by a modding team then it might be promoted to their own subforum.

    A list of all mods
    To make it clearer for non-modders which mods are under development we will have a stickied post that will contain a list of all modifications, with a small general description and a link to the thread.

    "Bumping" a thread is not allowed
    Spamming is of course not tolerated here at the Org (with the Frontroom being the exception), so spamming with the purpose of bringing your development thread to the top is out of the question, also called bumping. Do this multiple times and your thread will be locked until futher notice, a duplicate thread will be deleted.

    Duke John
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