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Thread: how to kill a taisho/daimyo in battle?

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    i played my first assault against an enemy clan daimyo/taisho but i can't seem to kill the general in battle.

    i start with a force twice his size and easily defeat all his yari and archers (well a few archers remain) but most of my force is about 80% intact. his heavy cav is reduced to 1 unit -- the taisho (a 4 star) and my heavy cav of 10 units (commanded by a 3 star) cannot defeat it. they are totally exhausted and started getting cut down by the 1 single enemy. i quit the battle in frustration cuz it was taking over 20 min just with that 1 guy and he was killing my entire army of 400.

    should i have just waited longer?

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    dude yari ashigaru decimate a daimyos unit....problem is unless you encircle the fool when he finally runs away his cav outrun your ashi...try a unit or two of warrior monks to kill the bugger....attack his ashi and low moral units and in general smash up his armys moral, causing mass rout...try and isolate his daimyo/taisho from the rest of the army and remember it isnt the most important part of a battle that you kill the general, you can still beat him with or without his taisho..and now a little table that shall help you a bit

    spear beat cavalry
    cavalry beat ranged weapons
    range weapons beat slow moving foot soldiers
    warrior monks kick ass!!!
    also if you have the expansion pack, mongol invasion/warlord edition you get kensai, a single super warrior dude..but most just dont use it cause its so unrealistic...and battlefeild ninja they pretty good too

    The bell rings against a hollow sky; the raven caws...NO MERCY!...all samurai walk the path to nothingness.~Kuroi Sabato
    The bell rings against a hollow sky; the raven caws...NO MERCY!...all samurai walk the path to nothingness.~Kuroi Sabato

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    ah i see... i'll try to envelope him with my yari guys.

    thanks for the tip!

    strange tho... i got his archers down to 13 men, but they weren't routing and i couldn't catch him with my infantry as they marched away and my cav was too exhausted. it's my first battle so i had no advanced units yet.

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    Cavalry are advanced units

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    I noticed this too. As indicated you need to surround him with spear units. The frustrating part is that it will still take them a long time to kill the daimyo.

    I've seen AI daimyos kill a couple dozen yari samari before finally getting killed. It's a bit silly, but whatever.

    Once I see the enemy Daimyo is surrounded by a couple spear units, I can focus my time getting my other units organized to take advantage of the enemy's reduced moral when their Daimyo dies.


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