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    I just got back from checking out the EA Top 100 Players list and noticed that I'm finally off the top 100 (a few accidental victories over newbies and I've actually lost honor on those wins), the paradox is that my Clan is number 26 on the Top 100 Clans list.
    I can imagine that most of the top rankings are from one-man clans like mine. Anyway, any idea on when EA is going to wipe clean the players list? They're due for it pretty soon.

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    Jan 19th there thats my guess.

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    I made it to the Top 100 on 1st Janaury 2001

    It was 100 then 93 and then 88...then I played some true newbies hon0 (lol) and I came 95- 135 hon.

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    I won 16 in a row and lost 8 points in honor That's why I gave up on trying to have high honor.

    I hate to start the "only players with 120 honor pls" requirement I see so many people doing these days. Seems a shame if you want high honor to resort to that. I just want to play!
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    challenge some known players, where u wqill be sure of the are 100+ in honour. by winning 16 in a row u should be in top 100
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