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Thread: Releastic Army Compostion

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    I know this could be a can of worms I'm opening here, but what would be a realistic army compostion of 16 units. Would 50% be archers/guns, 25% Ashigaru and then the rest No-Dachi ? This has been puzzling me for a while, for no doubt a large mix of units is fun to play with, are they in any way realistic historically?
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    Sorry but no. A "realistic" army would be something like:
    75% yari ashigaru and 25% samurai units.
    Read the other threads about that subject.

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    yes without any doubt a realistic army would be composed in it´s majority by yari trops.

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    Another thread resurrection. Scorpion-san made a very detailed and insightful post on this subject at the general discussion forum: if you bothered to read this thread, Scorpion's post deserves to be read by you too.

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