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Thread: A new Series of Stories; coming straight here.

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    I'm just new to the whole thing; I've been a fan of the Samurai Movies; The Seven Samurai and all the Kurosawa's; I also own a copy of the game (Shogun: TotalWar)


    I haven't got eneough information to work on; I've got some basic Ideas' the only problem is I've always write to detail.

    I probably going to work on the years in which Shogun is based on the peroid known as "Sengoku Jidai" the country at war...

    Here's the things I need;

    The Dates in which the Country at War peroid was based around?

    The Battles??

    The main powers at that time??
    e.g. the clans; Mori.


    War Writer.

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    Unless you've done so already, I suggest you read the recently resurfaced Book recommendations thread. If you're going to have strong ties to history, you'll probably need to buy a source book: even if not, the Samurai Archives will be of great help.

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    Thanks. I tried the Samurai Archieves. I'll check out the books, can't be sure if I can get them over here but I'll try it anyway.


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