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Thread: The way they speak??

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    This is probably the most weiredest subject I'll ever come up with. And I would understand if no one would reply; the reason being they would be asking what the hell would I be smoking at this point. But it's worth a try.

    I'm trying to make the stories I'm doing for as realistic as possible; now there's a thing in which one of the character's swear; I won't go into detail; but it's only one word; actually its ****; there I said it.
    Now; would they have said these kind of things in 16th century Japan. I think they would've; or have i been writing to much modern stuff?

    If you could understand any of that; I like to congraulate you. Can you put any opinions please it would be really helpful.


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    Ok then.

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    when do they swear

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    Japanese generally don't swear the same way Westerners do. They traditionally don't tend to use words about sex and bodily functions as swear words. Although I have heard a Japanese say "kuso" in a couple of movies (like Hell in the Pacific).

    I know of some words Japanese do say as insults and swearing today, but I don't know if they were used 400 years ago. Japanese insults tend to be less crude than Western ones.

    For a good source of modern Japanese slang, find Making Out in Japanese by Todd and Erika Geers.

    I have looked for four asterisks in my Japanese dictionary and can't find a translation. It must be obsolete.

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