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Thread: A quick question?????

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    Has anyone else got problems getting on this website; it was fine a few weeks back.

    I would really want to know!

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    I wouldn't worry too much. I was at the Samurai Archives yesterday or the day before and it was fine. Probably a minor glitch.

    FwSeal-san will most certainly let us know if they've have to move their excellent site. The last time they had any major down time, we as a community were some of the first to know.
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    See; I tried it yesterday I couldn't get on. I still can't get on now!

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    Try just . Even that seems to be slow right now, but at least I can access it.
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    Is very slow indeed! Is surely the host. Hosts like that deserve to die

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    It's working now!

    Maybe it's becuase it hasn't got that picture of totalwar anymore!


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