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Thread: reinforcing daimyo

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    is it possible to reinforce the daimyo unit?
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    Because I am not sure of what you exactly mean by reinforcing, please forgive me for babbling on multiple interpretations.

    If by reinforcing you mean...

    ...getting more men than 11 HC, then the answer is no. The daimyo's personal guard are touch, but unfortunately they can never number more than ten.

    ...getting armor/weapon upgrades, then again I am quite sure the answer is no as well as your guards are replenished from an unspecified source, even if you can't produce HC yet.

    ...replenishing casualties, then the answer is yes, and happens automatically, although if you are short of koku, then this may not happen (people were doing tests to determine the exact conditions...I don't remember the exact results)

    Hope this answers your questions.

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    yes you answered it, thanks.
    Ignorance is the night of the mind, a night without a moon or the stars.


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