Shogun Warriors in Japan,

Tiger Warriors in China in Three Kingdoms Period,

Mogolia Horse Warriors.

If these three countries all lived in the same period in history and starts a war by conquering each one of the enemies countries, who will have bigger chances of wining.

China: Three Kingdoms a descedant dynasty of the Han dynasty in China, contain many military advisors and tiger generals. Zhuge Liang being the most known famous advisor in China during the three kingdoms was able to use eight trigrams to train warriors, predict weather forecast, observe astrology or stars to predict people's life and death, have extraordinary war strategies and win many unbeatable battles. A famous tiger general in China's three kingdoms is Lu Bu, being the only tiger warrior that is unbeatable even from three other tiger generals Liu Bei, Zhang Fei, Guan Yu that all fight at once to kill Lu Bu.

Japan:As obvious since everyone in this forum play the game Total War and also know the Shogun history then I don't need to repeat their fighting skills.

Mongolia: Being a unbeatable country who have excellent horse fighters conquered the whole of China and establish the Yuan Dynasty. After they spread terrority towards Europe, but later was pushed back to Mogolia from the chinese Ming Emperor that uprise.

Note: Japanese Shogun Warriors and China's Three Kingdoms Tiger Generals are similar in war strategies and fighting skills and also have similar armour.