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    Right now I am doing a research on the Sengoku period. I know some usefull links (sam. archives and medieval source book) but I need more.
    If you know of any serious about Japanese history in sengoku jidai or the era prior to that please post.

    If you know any book that are descriebing the history of Japan please post author, title or ISBN.

    Thanks in advance... Martin!

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    I have some links for books on samurai history for you at my site.The addy is on the main room

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    here's a description of some of the battles in the period.. quite detailed.

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    LoL I also know the killr katana link

    Icey what is your site?

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    the second one has an english page under construction..hopefully it will be back soon. if you can read Japanese its all good now though
    Try these m8s

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    The site name is Icey site but I will add a link here for you also.

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    sj,i heard on ''that you are going to start a history page(cool idea)well this is a really good idea.go to'the way of the daimyo,it has lots of info.
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    Thank you very much people...!

    With all that positive response I will soon reconstreuct the Sengoku Jidai in every detail

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