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    I just got Akira Kurosawa's "Rashomon" DVD today. I've never seen it dubbed, so for the heck of it I watched it dubbed, and surprisingly enough, it was actually pretty good. The voice acting was pretty good, and it fit well with the sound of the movie. There are all sorts of 'bonuses' which I haven't had a chance to watch yet. It is part of the 'criterion collection', which also did 'the Seven Samurai' - another excellent DVD transfer. Criterion does an amazing job with it's DVDs, they are worth every penny.
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    Dubbing for all its problems has one or two advantages. Subtitles are very abridged versions of the actual dialogue; you miss so much. Translators can also put in subtle phrases of English that convey the hidden meanings of the translated language. This is not possible with the brief sentences at the bottom of the screen.

    So, while I prefer to see the actors use their own speech and vocal nuances with subtitling, I watch my favorite films on DVD (like Crouching Tiger -- also well-dubbed) both ways (subtitled version first).

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    I must agree....with even my very limited amount of Japanese, I can tell that there are more subtle things going on and much more detail in the speech than you get from the subtitles....It is a great study guide for me actually,.....I will check the dubbed versions soon....

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    Sounds good. I will have to lay my hands on the DVD of Seven Samurai and or Rashomon. Do they have big fight scenes??

    Criterion you say? I will look into it thanx.

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    i have a friend who only buys criterion dvds and he swears they are excellent.



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