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Thread: The Origin of the Japanese

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    Where did they come from? Were they born on the island? Did they flee from Korea as the History of the Kingdom of Wei (Wei Chich) A.D. 297 suggests?

    Anyone know it, or where I can find information regarding this subject, please say so.

    I have searched the archives but could not fin anything!

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    Expain in Monsta language-

    People from mainland go to island

    Beat up people who lived there those who had darker skin (kinda a long standing action throughout history until heavy weight boxing was developed!)...but also while beating them up..some got down and did the 'boogie'.... thus slightly different appearance in Nippon the end darker folk driven off....or as the case may be other words...


    hope that cleared it up for you...

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    The origin of the Japanese has been in dispute for a long time. Racially, they are quite distinct from Koreans and other neighboring ethnic groups, especially in the shape of the skull (some of you Euros try on a Japanese hat, then try Korean and Chinese, and you'll see what I mean).

    The Ainu predate the present-day dominant culture and were probably pushed up north from their original positions all over the four main islands by modern ethnic Japanese.

    I've heard at least two theories on the origins of the unique group that occupies most of the archipelago today.

    1) They are a mixture of mainland Asians and Ainu. Is that what Monsta was talking about? Who knows.

    2) They are invaders from the South Pacific, either Polynesians or from the Philippines. I think I have even heard they could have been from Formosa (present-day Taiwan).

    One way anthropologists and historians study origins is through language. Unfortunately, Japanese has no surviving close relatives. The closest is Korean, which shares some grammatical structures. It is far from Chinese, with which it shares almost nothing except the adopted script and borrowed vocabulary.

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    The modern Japanese inhabited Japan loooooooooong before 297 A.D. Emperor Jimmu supposedly founded the Japanese Empire in 660 B.C.E. and archaeological evidence indicates population of Japan (by the Ainu) at least since 28.000 B.C.E. Nobody knows for sure how the modern Japanese came to be, but Tachikaze mentioned the theory of racial mixing between the Ainu and the people of the mainland which is very likely. Apparently, especially between 20,000 and 18,000 years ago, lowered sea levels periodically exposed land bridges from Korea and China to Japan, so it isn't hard to assume some people went for a walk.

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    Thanks for the input guys !!!
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    No one knows exactly where the Japanese came from. Despite what some people claim on a regular basis, they are not a homogeneous race. (There is no such thing.) Although there is a fair amount of controversy about their origins, the people described as ``Japanese'' are related to mainland East Asians and thought to be related to South East Asians and South Pacific Islanders as well. There has in the past been quite a bit of immigration from, and through, Korea. The Japanese language is thought to be related to the Polynesian and Altaic language families. What this all boils down to is that the ``Japanese'' are in fact quite a mixed group. However, there hasn't been any large scale immigration in centuries. So, the Japanese might not be the mongrols that many modern Americans are, but in the long duree, there is no such thing as a pure race and the Japanese are as impure as everyone else.

    Extract taken from this site:

    In fact anyone interested in Japanese History must check this site out. It's a wealth of information.

    This is homepage:

    Go into the "Japanese History and Documentation Project" The whole text is available to download, or you can view it online at the site.

    Like I said, I think a must read for anyone interested.

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