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Thread: The Ninja Sword

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    From my observations on the swords of the Sengoku Jidai, I have noticed that the stereotypical Ninja sword does not curve gracefully back like a Katana. Can anybody tell me what practical application this has, or how the Ninja would benefit from this?
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    Stabbing. The sword is straight because it is not designed as a weapon that would be used to duel with. It is a quick and efficient weapon to dispatch a target by means of stabbing.

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    Actually, the straight ninja sword is a fairly modern invention. Most ninja-to were curved like katanas. The only reason I can think of for using a straight sword is better thrusting, although a gently curved sword can do just as well. A curved sword also draws faster and is better for slashing.
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    My information would agree with Toahn. That is that the "Ninja swords" you see marketed by modern swordmakers have as much root in history as the "Blade movie replica".

    Then again, my sources have been wrong before. On this topic I am not so much an expert as a person with significant casual interest.

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    No idea myself but these guys do know a fair bit:

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    The Ninja Sword...

    Well, actually it was not a sword, more like an instrument, a tool they used. It served many purposes, one of course was stabbing and regular attacks. However it was also used to: fire poisonous darts, when infiltrating it was used as a ladder (retrieved again with a small slik string tied unto it), and when under water the breathed with it etc. I am sute it had many more purposes but I cannot recall them right now.
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