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Thread: Assignment: the Punic Wars

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    I am soon to be commencing on a history assignment regarding the Roman Empire, its relations, and the Punic Wars.

    What I would appriciate very much is, if you know any good intersites, books, or memorized knowledge then post it here.
    Another thing is: how would you forumlate the questions (I will investigate the ... etc), and final have any some suggestions to the disposistion?

    All replies and answers are very welcomed, and if you are interrested and want to debate the subject just contact me at:

    Thanks in advance
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    Here's a variety of sites for Roman research.
    (as most of them are being used for researching the mod: path to the dark ages, they focus on the Roman army)

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    Lots of discussions (history and games) about ancient/medieval times..just search and you will find

    The Punic Wars by Adrian Goldsworthy (havent had time to read it yet heh)

    There are others too.

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    Thank you all very much, you help are appriciated !

    Tak fister
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    one or two good books on the subject...(if you have interest)

    Lazenby - Hannibal's War
    Peddie - Hannibal's War (if you are just interested in the military side of the second punic war)

    and anything by H Scullard on the subject...

    I don't know - what level are you doing this at?

    of course if you get interested you can always wade through Livy - The War with Hannibal, and Polybus - The Rise of the Roman Empire, they are pretty cheap paperbacks if you look somewhere which has them

    Memorised facts...
    Rome took in troops every year, and took them in for 25 years service, it only discharged on odd years - half the army served 26 years...(I think this was early imperial professional )

    Every Legionary garrison had the capacity to house 10% of the theoretical garrison in military hospitals ( I think this was early imperial professional )

    and others, much more useful, that I have forgotten or cannot explain here, anyway its your damn assignment


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