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    One of Kurosawa's masterpieces...

    I got it. It's good 16 century Japanese drama, with some very suggestive combat scenes with very little explicit violence (which is special considering Japan's name in this territory). Kurosawa really tried to emphasize on characters, rather then the actual battlefield scenes. I think, despite the lack of some good old gore, it's a brilliant way of 'setting the mood' before or after a game of Shogun. Beware that it's hard to keep track off, which must have something to do with most people not speaking Japanese ( making missing one line in the subtitle disastrous for understanding a scene ).

    What do you guys think? Has anyone here seen it?

    P.S. For some more violence check Kurosawa's 'The Seven Samurai'.. for the 1950's it was excessively brutal movie material! Even in black and white you can almost SEE the red of the blood!

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    Yep - it's a rpetty good movie - I saw it a couple of times amny years ago & recall it as stylistic and a litte silly in places, but well worth watching.

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    Yeah I have it. Its a wonderful movie. Kurosawa's a real master. I remember seeing RAN and thinking - hey Braveheart must have copied this scene (that last battle). Kagemusha was done with minimal budget and if they had the budget they got for RAN they would have probably done the big battle scenes too. As it is its already a great movie.

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    The DVD of Kagemusha is available from for £6.99 (Europe only)

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    Seven Samurai is an awsome movie.. I really like it...
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