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Thread: Battle of Courtrai

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    I'm having difficulty finding more than basic information about the battle of Courtrai in 1302 (the wake-up call which the French proved they had ignored at Crecy). Does anyone know of a good source? I'm particularly interested in knowing the melee weapons used by the Flemish & the background of their leader(s).

    & if people feel like discussing the battle here, that would be great.

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    J.F. Verbruggen, The Battle of the Golden Spurs: Courtrai, 11 July 1302, ed. Kelly DeVries, trans. D.R. Ferguson, Boydell Press, Woodbridge 2002, is more or less all there is in print in English that's accessible. Note first published 1952. Having only recently acquired it myself I can't tell you whether it answers your specific questions.

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    Absolutely the best website is the liebaert:
    Both the weapons and the leaders are (briefly) discussed on this website.
    Plenty of books out there, I would recommend the book that came out this year (in 2002 the 700th anniversary of the battle was celebrated here): but I'm not sure whther it was translated (and I can't remember the writers). The translated title should be something like "the flemish revolution" .


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