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Thread: Tournament Emails done....not got yours?

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    Hi peeps

    We have now finished sending out emails to all of the entrants in the 1v1 Tenki Tourney

    We unfortunatly, recieved about 10 invalid email address.... so if you haven't had one,
    go to the registration website and check to see if your name is there!! (there is a link called "No Email", use it to see if your name is up)

    The rule on unit limits... has been designed to compensate the Attacker, for the advantage the defender gets in the game!

    It will not be liked by all but hopefully, it will make it fairer....

    Also please note that the ATTACKER chooses the map which the fight takes place on (except ties, which are fought on green)
    BUT they MUST accept the FIRST days weather
    and the host must setup a game in SPRING!

    ALL games will have MORAL, FATIGUE and RESTRICTED CAMERA... ON! and unit size is 60.

    Thanks guys and Good Luck!!


    Daimyo of Clan Tenki-Okibi

    P.S. We didn't pay for the Tanto.. it was donated. worth about $75/£90 give or take a few... its a really great piece.. I own a Katana from the same set!

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    I didn't get it

    Honour to Clan No Fear.

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