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Thread: SmellY AsHi Clan

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    I was so astounded and overcome by your Ashigaru (Ack the stench!) that I would like to make a proposal!

    As my icon now shows- I am now a very smelly ashi and I would like to create a cult/clan in your likeness. Of course you would be Daiymo and all would be welcome to join even if they are affiliated with another clan ...just as long as they refuse to take a bath and as long as their org icon declares them to be the most stinkiest of samurai!

    *of course this would in no way effect your lucrative nike contract for as everyone knows unwashed nike's can only further the future domination of the clan*

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    Ah a noble and wise samurai you are! Yes there is nothing more noticeable than an old stinky pair of nikes. Talk about product awareness!!! You forgot about one thing though . . not only must samurai be uncleansed and odiferous, they must also be extremely ugly!!!! LOL
    I have seen the future of TW MP and it is XBox Live!

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    O noo this sounds like the beggining of a spoof to the RA or the lonely wolves, a loose clan o my!

    Within a handful of ashes lies the birth of a new age, with the traditions of GOLDEN AGE, Honour to Clan Kenchikuka!
    Within a handful of ashes lies the birth of a new age, with the traditions of the GOLDEN AGE, Honour to Clan Kenchikuka!


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