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Thread: Amongst the mess....

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    ... of this impersonator rubbish I thought that a list of REAL clan members would be in order.

    1Dread1Boromir Hojo
    1Dread1Star Hojo
    1Dread1Lahll Hojo
    1Dread1Icey Hojo
    1Dread1Buntaro Hojo
    1Dread1Piqua Hojo
    1Dread1Buck Hojo
    1Dread1Macajor Hojo

    1Master1Wakibiki Hojo
    1Master1Injin Hojo

    Our clan WILL NOT be abusive in foyer. So if someone with a Dread or Master prefix does, it is not one of us.

    Boromir Hojo

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    Me don't remember thing, me tries to kill everybody who does not start with LegionOf :P

    Don't use only honour, use theforce, too.
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    Toda Nebuchadnezzar
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    I think that if any other clan is having this same problem, they too should post their legit members on this thread. The more people that we find who want to cause the community harm and the quicker we find them, THE BETTER!!!

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    all legit members of fear are listed at our website as well as in the player battle stats. as boromir said, dreads are not abusive in the foyer and neither are the majority of other real clan members. lol..its not a problem when all they do is cuss and say fowl things. i remember when we had an imposter posing as different members of fear... he was as nice as could be and was pretty good in so when he would spread deciet and lies most people would listen cuz they really did think the imposter was elm, sori, ect...

    do you have a comment to make, a question to ask, or a concern about a current fearful ways member? plz feel free to stop by
    Fearful Ways - The Mori Family


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